Yucca confinis McKelvey

Yucca of the boundary

Yuccas of the Southwest. U.S. 1:49. 1938

Type: McKelvey 2099, about 23 km north east of Douglas on the road to Rodeo, 1,600m, among Mesquite, 3 May 1931. (A)

Other representative material studied.

Arizona:fh 1180.26, Apache, 1,300m;
fh 1180.47, Pendregosa Mts. area, 1,700m;
fh 1183.6, Mule Mts. area, 1,400m;
fh 1183.7, Perilla Mts., 1,270m
New Mexicofh 1180.40, Rodea area, 1,400m

Yucca confinis

Yucca confinis, fh 1180.40, Rodeo area, NM, 1,400m. Loosely formed group in full flower